Enterprise Data Integration/Business Process Optimization

Advancing technology has created new opportunities by providing ready access to data and automating processes. With that progress has come new challenges. McKean Defense provides solutions to overcoming the limitations of isolated data applications and transforms that data into useful information. Our solutions include applications such as dashboards, linking diverse applications into tools that enable more effective management. Whether the need is to link maintenance data across platforms or consolidate programmatic metrics, our approach facilitates efficient ROI.

Optimizing Ship Maintenance Planning with New Personnel Database Application

Optimizing the critical path of ship maintenance requires systematic analyses and integration of workforce and resources to determine an organization's capabilities and capacities. By combining advanced information technology capabilities with Navy maintenance and readiness experience, McKean Defense developed the Technical Capability Health Assessment (TCHA) database. The TCHA improves workload forecasting and personnel skills tracking to support the strategic planning needs of Regional Maintenance Centers (RMCs). Now, RMCs can access information from across the Enterprise to evaluate personnel skills and qualifications to match tasks. Our work on TCHA enhances the RMC communities’ ability to develop strategies and increases the likelihood of completing projects on time and on budget.

Integrating Information and Command Systems for the Warfighter

Installation of the Navy's next generation tactical afloat network integrates disparate information systems and enhances operational effectiveness across the Fleet's Afloat Networks. McKean Defense information systems specialists support Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services (CANES), the Integrated Network System (ISNS), and multiple naval commands such as PEO C4I, NAVSEA, NAVAIR, and SPAWAR as they work within the new IT environment. Our Application Integration (AI) effort consolidates core and network infrastructure to greatly reduce the need for command systems to provide separate suites of equipment. Through the AI Process, the Navy successfully integrated over 200 applications/systems, streamlining hardware, software, and operating system training; and minimizing space and power consumption on board the ships.