Featured Employee Owners


Change Analyst, Marinette, WI

As part of the fleet introduction team, we are assisting the crew in their preparation for Sailaway on the Milwaukee.

I admire the dedication of the McKean Defense leadership in conveying to all employees the importance of being a value to our customer. I have never worked for a company like McKean Defense, whose philosophy is the best way to get the job done right, by showing respect for all of their employees. Working for a company like this makes me want to perform at a higher level, going above and beyond the original expectation.

A new benefit that McKean Defense offers is employee ownership that was developed this past year. It is not only unique, but it is also empowering to everyone involved. I like working for McKean Defense for a number of reasons, here are just a few. I like that I am encouraged to step out of the box and take the lead. I value the direction and support of my direct superiors and the flexible schedule that allows me to run my personal and professional lives in unison, feeling that I am doing justice to both.


Integration Engineer, San Diego

Our team is responsible for integrating applications during interoperability test events for CANES Afloat Networks, ensuring the applications that are needed by the Fleet are tested and documented in the Hosted Application and Connected System Integration Manual (HACSIM).

A large part of my success at McKean Defense is due to being surrounded by hard working and dedicated individuals with the same goal. I continually hear people from other companies, and my customers, say that McKean Defense provides expertise and an ability to hire the right personnel for the task. The rapid growth and expansion in San Diego has been an exciting experience.

There are several reasons why I enjoy working for McKean Defense, but the best is that as an employee-owned company, it puts the responsibility on all of us to continue to make the company successful, and the company is aggressively bidding on and winning contracts! McKean Defense encourages and supports employees to pursue professional development by offering tuition reimbursement, CBT Nuggets and company paid vendor certificates. I have enjoyed my time working for the company and look forward to what the future has in store.


Knowledge Manager, Virginia Beach

As a part of Surface Team One (ST1), I support the Planning Knowledge Sharing Network (KSN) and the Execution KSN as a knowledge manager. ST1 is the mechanism by which the Surface Navy’s Maintenance, Modernization, and Sustainment Program plans, coordinates, and executes work in a single, comprehensive, and holistic manner.

The reason I can be so effective in my job, is because I have a lot of autonomy with McKean Defense.  I am trusted to do what I need to do to get the job done for my customers and for this company with very little supervision.  This is not restricted to just knowledge management.

I joined McKean Defense before I was truly retired from the Navy, so even though I don’t have a direct comparison of other companies to draw from, I have friends at other companies. I hear the complaints they have of not being able to share ideas and their lack of control. With McKean Defense, I have been able to create white papers and brief proposed business opportunities to our company leadership without worrying that I am stepping over a line. I also like the flex hours we are able to use if we are supporting our clients. My customers are both on the west coast, so sometimes I work later in the day remotely and am still able to fully support them, thanks to the flexibility McKean Defense provides.