How Innovation and Best Practices Equate to Cost Savings

In our mission to help good organizations work better, McKean Defense pays particular attention to industry best practices – methods employed within the private sector to encourage innovation. We nurture business concepts that are particularly relevant to NAVSEA procurements. First, there are innovative practices that our personnel have introduced in a proactive manner to their customer environments. This has allowed McKean Defense’s customers to save resources and better focus on their mission. Second, there have been changes incorporated into internal McKean Defense practices that have allowed us to become more effective and efficient.

McKean Defense introduces automation wherever possible to reduce human intervention, which results in faster, more accurate information to the customer. Through this proactive approach, we help our customers save time and money. Specifically, NAVSEA Headquarters (HQ) – at the Washington Navy Yard has introduced system scripts for specific network management situations. This has saved hours of productive work time by eliminating the need to make changes onsite. McKean Defense’s engineers initiated an automated process for generating and tracking new accounts. Where it once took nearly a full-time person to establish new user accounts before, the automated process requires less than one hour per account.

McKean Defense’s innovative ideas have translated into productivity efficiencies and cost savings for our NAVSEA clients.

McKean Defense’s internal process efficiencies have reduced staff labor that translates to reduced general and administrative (G&A) costs to the client. To speak directly to McKean Defense’s SeaPort Enhanced Program Manager and Quality and Customer Satisfaction Manager, contact Marchelle Dickerson.