Monitoring and Maximizing Quality

Quality assurance is an integral part of our management process. Because we believe that quality assurance is such a significant element in the delivery of superior products and services, McKean Defense ensures that key personnel at the Senior VP level are made available to the customer.

McKean’ Defenses control procedures specify formal quality checks of plans, outlines, documents, software products, processes, and procedures. In maintaining quality assurance standards, we recognize the interaction of several factors:

  • Quality of personnel assigned to the project
  • Control of each work activity
  • Detection and elimination of all problems through ongoing audits and reviews
  • Quality assurance of products through periodic reviews.

McKean Defense is committed to maintaining projects on schedule and within budget. To ensure that quality is not compromised, we:

  • Plan for product review and revision during initial development of tasks
  • Maintain highly qualified technical specialists
  • Reach-back to all resources available internally at McKean Defense, and within all our partners to provide technical input and oversight for richer products and services
  • Reference the original project/task objectives and plans when performing quality reviews.

McKean uses closely monitored production control procedures in the development of deliverable data and products for our customers. Our personnel and subcontractors are only authorized for tasks explicitly required by delivery orders, and are supervised by experienced Senior Program Managers, Project Leaders and Task Managers. Only the highest-quality production equipment and software is used to support their product development and delivery efforts. Products are reviewed in their formative stages, throughout their development and prior to delivery.

Quality assurance is an integral part of our management process, and is how McKean Defense can continue to deliver superior products and services. To speak to McKean’s NAVSEA Seaport Enhanced Program Manager and Quality and Customer Satisfaction Manager, contact Marchelle Dickerson.