Business Operations/Process Improvements

Because business processes are fundamental to business performance, McKean Defense provides both the people and the technology to help our customers execute successfully on business strategy. Our experienced business process specialists identify and chart performance levels required to establish a repeatable, manageable path toward continuous improvement. We help our customers see that process improvements are not one-time interventions; they require ongoing analysis and redesign of workflows. Our approach tracks actions and logistics associated with business operations so that we can recommend an integrated plan to support information dissemination and decision-making that improve quality and productivity.

Documenting and Delivering Technology Innovation for the Warfighter

At Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Crane, scientists and engineers collaborate to discover, extract, and protect technical ideas and inventions critical to delivering Navy expertise to the Warfighter. These efforts yield valuable innovations and inventions upheld as intellectual property (IP) and protected by patent and trademark laws. McKean Defense specialists assist NSWC's Patent Program Office developing Patent Licensing Agreements and in support of escalating numbers of invention disclosures (IDs) and Patent Application Filings. McKean Defense also supports NSWC Crane in coordinating collaborations with private industry and academia with the goal of shaping a culture in which workforces value innovation and promote IP disclosure.

Increasing Public Affairs Impact with Strategic Communications Services

The Navy's Public Affairs (PA) operations solidify the bond between mission and message. Navy PAs deliver communications strategies and tactics to advance a range of military operations both internal and external. At Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Crane, McKean Defense communications specialists report a 300% increase in activities, supporting initiatives in both traditional and digital media platforms. With advanced communications applications at our fingertips, we help NSWC design and deliver high impact messaging and branding solutions for local and global communities.