McKean Defense knows that training can be the difference between life and death. McKean’s systems approach involves five training related phases: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. Our unified team of professionals understands the training industry, and always keeps the success of the end user at the project’s forefront. Our training experts develop and perform classroom instruction, technical documentation and computer-based training for combat systems, fielded weapons, and surveillance equipment, directly impacting shipboard personnel as well as the war fighters.

Sustaining G-BOSS Persistent Surveillance Requirements through Training and Demonstrations

Around the clock; around the world, the Marine Corps depends upon the Ground-Based Operational Surveillance System (G-BOSS) to sustain its persistent surveillance requirements. In support of this enhanced Force Protection capability, McKean Defense deploys training experts to develop operational and maintenance curricula. Through computer-based and classroom instructions and demonstrations, Marines learn to assemble, operate, troubleshoot, disassemble, and repair G-BOSS systems and accessories. Our specialists consistently update curricula, technical manuals, and maintenance documentation to support evolving G-BOSS requirements and capabilities.

Advancing Combat Readiness with Computer-based Curricula and Training

New computer-based training and demonstrations support high-level readiness for Naval Special Warfare and Navy Expeditionary Combat Commands. McKean Defense specialists develop and deliver CBT curricula and readiness exercises for weapons training on fielded weapons and accessories assembly, operation, troubleshooting, inventory, disassembly, and repair. These exercises demonstrate equipment operation, installation, and removal. Our highly qualified instructors also provide classroom training on weapon systems, visual augmentation systems, and laser safety. Recently, we developed both training topics and maintenance manuals to instruct over 1500 combined personnel from Warfare Commands, Navy, Coast Guard, USMC, and DOD.