Business Operations/Process Improvements

McKean Defense focuses on the processes and resources that our customers use to produce the highest quality products or services as efficiently as possible. Given the diversity of support and environments we work in, McKean Defense maintains a cadre of staff with a variety of skills from administrative support to financial management and marketing communications. Beyond filling positions, we apply tools that allow us to track actions and logistics associated with business operations functions to create an integrated plan, improving the end product.

Communicating for Impact

Transforming ideas into action takes strategic analysis and communications expertise. Our McKean Defense communications teams deliver proven excellence based on a keen understanding of our clients' environments. At Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Crane, our graphics and strategic communications experts were part of a 37% increase in communications activities, supporting internal communication, strategic partnering, brand awareness, and external positioning. Whether our clients' needs are simple or complex, we have the talent and technology to support Navy efforts in multiple areas: executive presentation coaching, social networking, print and signage production, and Web conferencing. Our communications support extends to subject matter experts and project management leadership.

Using Technology to Mitigate Program Risk

When the Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division (NSWCCD) needed a plan to support new platforms and programs for the Ohio Class Submarine program test facility, McKean Defense joined efforts to assist with project development. Working with information from NSWCCD engineers and program managers, our team built an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) to model project requirements, identify alternatives, and reduce execution risks. With IMS as the backbone of its submittal, NSWCCD won its position as a preeminent submarine propulsion power systems test facility. Now, IMS and expanded models monitor over 4400 activities, providing a scalable and powerful management toolbox.