Lifecycle Management

McKean Defense program analysts, logisticians, and engineers support the lifecycle of shipboard systems by combining their Navy experience with an eye toward program improvement options. We produce logistics documentation such as ILS plans, test documentation, maintenance support data, and installation/alteration packages. We enhance the products with state of the art graphics and computer based programs that deliver information in useful formats and in understandable segments. The results are focused on enhancing fleet sustainment and embracing the sailors who use the HM&E systems we support.

Improving Shipboard Readiness

Current Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) maintenance schedules put enormous pressures on engineering programs to plan, prepare and successfully execute Light-Off Assessments (LOA). In preparation for the USS INDEPENDENCE's LOA and return to service, McKean Defense worked closely with the LCS Squadron One Maintenance Department to save costs and improve efficiencies by implementing continuous material assessment processes. Our efforts led to improved levels of accuracy on Current Ships Maintenance Project (CSMP) validations. Following the USS INDEPENDENCE’s successful LOA, McKean Defense’s efforts produced results that validated over 90% of existing 959 jobs and led to recommendations to reduce redundant workloads.

Realizing the Benefits of Distance Support Solutions Understanding

Can a geographically spread workforce provide new economies without sacrificing mission goals? To explore the potential advantages of Distance Support (DS) capabilities, the Navy engaged McKean Defense's shipboard experience and engineering and analyses expertise. We helped establish a predictive method of integrating critical components. We proposed combining people, processes, and technology into a collaborative infrastructure. Our efforts put senior Navy personnel at the forefront of strategy sessions, resulting in new operational charters for DS solutions. Collaborating with Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) we have resolved Condition Based Maintenance (CBM+) server and data transfer issues, and improved access to critical assets such as technical manuals.

Transforming Ideas into Understanding

Clear communications impact what we understand and influence how we make decisions. McKean Defense multi-media specialists help Navy personnel improve communications by transforming complex concepts into compelling messages. Our designers are skilled interpreters. With sophisticated applications and powerful processors at our fingertips, we bring messages to life on the page or across the Web. We deliver much more than graphics; we visualize concepts such as accurate 3-D depictions of airflow in a submarine or engineering diagrams. With our graphics expertise, the team has converted complex lifecycle processes like End-to-End maintenance into interactive pdfs, Navy instructors are using our modeling and animation products to facilitate HM&E equipment maintenance training. We also manage a variety of complex projects from engineering presentations to digital signage and print materials.