Modernization Planning

System modernization is more critical than ever in Defense programs with longer service lifecycles. Rapid technology changes also place pressures on systems modernization planning. McKean Defense engineers and technical support are actively involved in creating strategies that complete systems modernization programs with the greatest efficiency and quality. Our teams define the options for modernizing equipment that bring assets, that may have been commissioned years ago, up to today’s standards. Application of these modernization options help refine systems to support extended missions.

Refining the Engineering Process to Meet ESL

Readiness sustainment is a challenge for the Navy. McKean Defense engineers and maintenance planning experts helped Surface Maintenance Engineering Planning Program (SURFMEPP) develop a formalized process to meet the need by linking key products across the Surface Maintenance and Modernization process. By refining technical requirements, analyzing required maintenance resources, planning for availabilities, and decomposing requirements into discrete jobs, SURFMEPP can now track each technical requirement at the work item level to clearly understand investments. This approach delivers improved visibility on availability of growth cost drivers and improved documentation for efficient maintenance execution and cost effective decision-making. Now, SURFMEPP is on track to achieve a "first pass" through the End-to-End (E2E) process.

Achieving Sustained LCS Material Readiness

The Navy expects the Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) to “Operate Forward,” necessitating that the ships achieve sustained In-Service material readiness. Yet, opportunities to perform essential maintenance and material readiness are limited. Working closely with LCS logistics personnel, McKean Defense hull managers reviewed and validated shortfalls in engineering, combat, deck and damage control systems to improve the responsiveness of the LCS unique O-level maintenance process. Using our recommended solutions, the USS Coronado attained a 60% improvement in both technical equipment and system documentation accuracy.