Technology Solutions

McKean Defense recognizes the benefits of incorporating technology in Ship Sustainment engineering and management efforts. But we believe that this can only be done through a holistic understanding of the end mission, so that any technology solutions are responsive to the Fleet. Teams of IT specialists, along with mission experts break down technological stovepipes and integrate systems into meaningful data solutions.

Improving Watercraft Modernization

What keeps the U.S. Army's fleet of over 130 watercraft vessels on high readiness at the lowest cost? Metrics — collected and managed in scalable web-based applications. Through the Watercraft Information Reporting System (WIRS), McKean Defense engineering and technology experts identified opportunities to better monitor and manage fleet inventory and maintenance schedules by modernizing the WIRS system. By developing a web-based solution, we turned data into scalable, real-time metrics, reconciling the tension between vessel availability and maintenance schedules. Now, Product Director Army Watercraft Systems (PD AWS) quickly obtains customized reports that provide an unprecedented view of fleet fit/form/function alternatives.

Bringing Enterprise Tools to Maintenance and Modernization

Enterprise and collaboration technologies offer new value to maintenance and modernization processes. For Surface Maintenance Engineering Planning Program (SURFMEPP), McKean Defense engineering and technology teams build user-oriented solutions that make the benefits of early technology adoption a reality. These customized applications, including data dashboards, data mash ups; dynamic notifications and search features, custom trackers, paperless document routing, diagnostics, and custom reporting put enterprise tools to work throughout SURFMEPP. Smart workflows and timely collaboration capabilities deliver improved situational awareness and enable faster and better decision-making. Users report improvements in lifecycle maintenance engineering, enterprise communication, collaboration, and class management and modernization planning.