IT Infrastructure

Providing desktop and network IT support services, or network architecture and managed services, McKean Defense focuses on ensuring that client networks and systems, critical to the business, are designed to meet mission needs. McKean Defense staff includes network architects, server administrators, software applications specialists, and user support personnel are adept at improving current architectures and establishing processes to manage and maintain client infrastructures.  McKean Defense IT specialists also support remote monitoring network design and implementation and help plan network migrations to enhance infrastructure efficiencies.

Revolutionizing Navy Network Defense Strategy

Operation ROLLING TIDE, dedicated to counter cyber activity directed against networks and Command and Control capabilities, revolutionizes the Navy network defense strategy. McKean Defense is leading Operation ROLLING TIDE to extend the service life of legacy systems, including: Integrated Shipboard Networking System (ISNS), Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI)-Networks, Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange - Maritime (CENTRIXS-M) and Submarine Local Area Network (SubLAN). Our team is developing design upgrades for both software and hardware systems to allow for future system enhancements throughout the scheduled CANES' upgrades. Our work ensures that over 200+ afloat platforms maintain operational and mission requirements into 2020 and beyond.

Optimizing Ship/Shore Security and Connectivity

The Navy depends on its Automated Digital Network System (ADNS) as the Internet Protocol (IP) Transport service provider for bandwidth optimization and secure transmissions. ADNS provides routing for multi-service voice, video, and data domains across the available radio frequency paths that make up the Navy Wide Area Network (WAN). All afloat and shore-based users utilize ADNS as the Navy’s entry point connecting them to the resources and services of the Global Information Grid (GIG). McKean Defense is leading the ADNS sustainment engineering effort. With three ADNS variants and the resulting diverse functionality, McKean Defense cyber security specialists work with various transport protocols to create custom data traffic flows and to provide quality of service prioritization, ensuring the Fleet transmissions support mission requirements.