Software Development

Efficiencies created by new and innovative technologies can change organizational processes and solve problems in new ways. McKean Defense has developers and technicians that help our customers create software and systems that go beyond expectations. We accommodate change by using highly iterative approaches to development that encourage frequent simple implementations followed by test, usage feedback, and subsequent refactoring of the code base.

Maximizing Parts' Commonalities to Reduce Maintenance Costs

To reduce costs of building, repairing, and modernizing ships, the Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division Philadelphia, in support of NAVSEA, developed the Virtual Shelf (VS) project. The VS improves efficiencies by finding parts' commonalities. McKean Defense engineers and developers are designing the VS to include both a common, integrated, enterprise-grade database that consolidates Standard Parts Catalogs, along with the most current parts and specifications, and a mechanism for processing all deviations from VS common parts alternatives. Our work integrates business process improvement concepts to improve accuracy and timeliness of parts data updates, and the insertion of the virtual shelf into Navy modernization processes.

Eliminating Information Stove Piping through Systems Integration

Having access to ships' data systems across an Open Interface Architecture reduces Navy personnel workloads and improves operation availability of the Fleet. The Reliability Engineering Data Integration (REDI) system provides applicable maintenance data among the diverse legacy Navy logistics systems. McKean Defense software engineers are improving REDI by integrating machinery performance data to deliver data regarding ships' health status, current work, and proposed maintenance work and making that data available on a portable tablet. By linking the integrated systems, we delivered access to critical ship data, helping ship assessors and engineers to analyze, define, plan, and execute preventative and corrective Fleet maintenance.